Fantasy Cup

Fantasy Cup: The Final came down to “1st XI Score in Prevous Round”. Here is the final chart:

Fantasy Cup Match 64

Cup Winner £45.00, Runner-up £25.00 and losing semi-finalists get their £5.00 back.

Veronique, x

The Subs’ scores determine the winner if scores are level. After that the following criteria are used to decide
the tie, in order:

Goals Scored by 1st XI in current round
Goals Scored by Squad in current round
1st XI score in previous round
Subs’ Score in previous round
Goals scored by 1st XI, previous round
Goals scored by Squad, previous round
Overall Team score
Overall Squad Score
Overall 1st XI Goals
Overall Squad Goals
Toss of Coin.

We’ve never resorted to a Coin Toss, but we did need Overall 1st XI Goals once to decide a Final

Finally if two pundits meet in the final or semi-final and have exactly the same squad remaining, then I will ask them to pick 2 more players to score for them (in the Fantasy Cup only). It will be arranged such that they do not pick the same players.

To View: Press the Zoom-in button and then scroll through the groups to find your name.

Veronique, x


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