Team Names

My boys I’m so disappointed in how few of you voted! I am seriously thinking of coming back from France to spank everyone who didn’t vote.
Here are the Team Name results:


6 Votes:
To Cafu, Thanks For Everything! Julie Neymar (Chris Clough)
ABCDE – FC (Kevin McDowall)

4 Votes:
The Garrincha Who Stole Cristianomas (Steve Morse)

2 Votes:
Slumdog Mignolet (Jonny Brooks)
Cold Lampin’ With the Favela (Andy Wilson)

1 Vote:
Don’t Call Me Schurrle (Brett Nainggolan)
They Think An Awful Lot of Cafu In Brazil (Paris Nainggolan)
Tea and Busquets (Chris Sanderson)
Ghana Shit Myself (Scott Morrison)
Give Us a Kalou (Keith Lau)


I therefore declare it a tie between Chris Clough and Kevin McDowall. Some consolation there then I guess.

Team Name List


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